Using the Law of Attraction to Make Your Dreams a Reality

When I was a young boy, I used to imagine what my life would be like when I became an adult. I imagined myself in a brick house, having everything I could have ever wanted including family, friends and experiences. I wore a suit every day as I got ready in the morning, having my morning coffee and breakfast. Everything would be perfect. It was about a year or two ago that I realized my imagination had come true. I was only a kid when I was thinking these thoughts, and I wouldn’t say these were big dreams of mine, rather I just thought this is how my live was going to turn out; and it is. I can truly say that today I have everything I had ever dreamed of. These thoughts I had as a child were thoughts I truly believed in down to my core. I was certain that one day I would be in my brick house, have a good job, a loving family, and life would be good. I now know that this happened because I believed it would, and because I believed in this future life, I was attracted to it, and it attracted to me.

You are what you think really seems to have taken hold in my life, and the more I think of it, the more examples I can come up with of attracting the things I desire into my life. I now know that I can do anything, especially when I truly believe down to my core that it will happen. I know it works, because it has happened first hand to me on countless occasions. There have been good things like the examples above, as well as bad things, which I now try to stay away from. What I do know is that both good and bad happened, and I was thinking they were going to happen before they did.

Think Positively

You are what you think is something that can work for both positive and negative things in your life. Do you ever notice the person always complaining that their life is so hard tends to have bad things happen to them on a consistent basis? If you are one of these people, do you ever think that you are in a rut, and you can`t get out of it because bad things keep pushing you down. You are what you believe you are, and when you think negatively, negativity is attracted to you.

On the other hand, have you ever noticed the really positive guy or girl who seems to have it all, get it all, and never really seem to try to get what they have? These people get tickets to sporting events or concerts. They have a great social life, and their family seems too perfect. Oh, and they get that promotion that just came up at work without seeming to try too hard for it, at least to the outside world. They seem happy all of the time, and if you are on the other end of this, it kind of makes you sick to your stomach. These people are no different from anyone else, except they expect these good things to happen to them. The attract positivity into their lives, whether subconsciously or consciously, they are using the law of attraction to their benefit.

However you want to explain it, it comes down to if you want something, you will have it; but you need to remember that wanting something in the law of attraction is what you decide to focus on both consciously and subconsciously. If you always focus on the bad, and have a pessimistic view on things that come into your life regardless of if they are good or bad, then you will attract more negativity into your world. When you focus on the bad in your life, you attract more bad. When you focus on the good in life you attract more good.

Your solution is to start seeing the good in everything. This is not the crazy of there is no bad or bad people in the world. Instead, find the positive in everything that comes your way. When something bad happens to you, say a flat tire on the highway, think of it as a learning opportunity, or a chance to tell a great story with your friends. On the other hand, when good things happen, be grateful for them, enjoy them, and be present when they do happen. The more you practice finding the good in your life, the more you will attract good experiences into your life.

What Are Your Dreams?

Question Mark

Now that you are beginning to think the right way, you can use the power of attraction to take you even further towards the things you want in life. What are your dreams and desires in life? Truly, what are they? If you want them, and you truly believe you will obtain these dreams and desires, it will happen. The key is that you TRULY believe. You cannot have a gram of doubt in your body, and if you do, stop! Once you start believing that good things are coming into your life, you will notice your energy levels rise. All of a sudden you start working on a project you have been putting off for months, or take up a new hobby that opens a door to meeting an influential person in your life. As these doors open, you begin to work towards your belief, and you start enjoying life more.

A few years ago, I was up for a contract renewal with my job. Jobs were not easily held on to, and were not always easy to come by. However, I now was aware of the law of attraction, and I decided to use it to my advantage. So I believed down to my core that I would be okay and that I would get my renewal. Four days before my contract was up, my boss called me into his office to present me with my new contract, solidifying my position, and making my thoughts into a reality. This was another example of something happening to me because I believed it, and attracted the needed energy.

Once you believe, things will begin to fall into place. However, you will have to work towards a goal. I did not get my job just by thinking I should get it. I worked hard perfecting my abilities, putting in extra time, and going above and beyond to help where I could. The same can be said for my training. I cannot have a superhero body just by thinking it. I need to put the work into the gym, watch what I eat, and pay attention to how my body feels. I know it will happen because I truly see it happening in my life, and it is working. I am noticing changes from the last 6 months of work, which makes me know that as long as I believe, and put in the work, it will happen. The idea is to have a dream or goal, and know what that dream or goal is.

Take 5 minutes to write down everything you want in life. Do not write what you don’t want, only what you do want to attract. Remember that you are working on attracting only positive thoughts and experiences into your life. The things you want can be anything. I suggest going big with your dreams because these are your dreams! Don’t limit yourself, dream BIG! Once you have an idea of what you want, you will begin to work towards it subconsciously right away. Once you have all of your dreams written down, pick one to three things that you feel the greatest need or want for.

Keep the Dream in Your Conscious mind

Once you have your dreams in mind, you need to keep them in your mind every day. You need to know that you are working toward your goal with a focus that will not break. To do this, write down your dream somewhere you will see it more than once in a day. This can be in a journal, on a wall in your office or any other room you are in consistently throughout the day, or it can even be on the background of your phone. The key is that you will be seeing your dream throughout your day, keeping it at the forefront of your mind.

Now that you have your goals in your conscious mind, you need to really own your dreams. Tell people about them, and be excited; they are your dreams. By telling others about your deepest desires, you begin to own the thoughts you are saying. By doing this, you begin to live your dreams, and see yourself as a person who has already obtained everything he/she wants in life. Start by telling family and close friends, and then you can stretch this out to colleagues and acquaintances you have. The more people you tell, the more you will be living your dreams and desires each and every day.

Don’t Let Obstacles Get in the Way

Now things are going to come up to distract and deter you from obtaining your dreams, I guarantee it. It can be 6 birthdays in a month (meaning lots of cake!) when you are trying to eat healthier, or even a sunny day when you need to be working on an important project to get you noticed by your boss. Some obstacles will be in the form of negative things happening to you, and others will be positive things. These things will come up, and how you deal with them will determine if you reach your dream or not. Remember to keep an open and flexible mindset to obstacles. Also, keep in mind of your end goal so you keep attracting positive energy toward yourself. The more positive energy, the better you will feel and the more you will attract your dreams.

Another obstacle you will need to overcome is when things don’t go your way. This is not a sign that you are on the wrong path, but rather a test of your willpower. You will need to dig down deep into yourself when things do not go your way, and you will need to keep your dream in mind constantly so your focus does not waver. One of the best ways to do this is by looking at your list of dreams when things go wrong. This will reinforce your dreams in your mind, slowly distracting you from your obstacle. Do not dwell on the obstacle, and do your best to remember that the path toward your dream life is not a straight arrow, but rather a winding road with many stops and bumps along the way. They all happen for a reason, and they will help guide you on your way to your dreams.

Stay Focused

To keep your focus, make sure to look at your goals and dreams daily. I do this every morning during my morning routine. Each and every day, I write in my journal about my 3 main goals, read my code of conduct, and reinforce to myself that I really can do anything with my life, and I am in control. By looking at my dreams daily, I am able to keep a direct focus on my end goal, as well as think about how I will obtain it. By looking at my goals first thing in the morning, I am able to set up my day around them. My mind is always searching for the things that will attract my dreams subconsciously, and I am using the law of attraction in a positive and productive manner.

You are going to use the law of attraction whether you think you are or you think you are not. The law of attraction is always working for us, and it is the choices we make that show the law of attraction what we want to attract in our life. Focusing on negative aspects of your life, or even the lives of others will bring in negative energy into your mind, attracting more negative energy. Conversely, thinking of the positive in life, the good, the amazing will bring these things into your life with little effort. Taking a step further, and focusing your positive energies on your dreams will allow you to use the law of attraction to its fullest capabilities, bringing your dreams into reality. So stay positive, have dreams, and stay focused. You can do anything you want with your life, and you are only limited by your imagination.