Lazy Mondays – The 3 Day Weekend Every Week of the Year

Think about being able to have a 3 day weekend every week of the year. Kind of makes your week sound pretty good all of a sudden. Changing your perspective can make this possible, and the biggest obstacle is your ability to sit back, relax, and not force yourself to be doing something all of the time. Mondays can be a difficult day of the week because you are just getting back to work. I know out of all the work days in the week, by the end of Monday I am pretty tired. However, I have found the key to getting around the “Monday Blues”, and I have created my own version of a 3 day weekend. I now love Monday because I have instituted a way to have my 3 day weekend every week with Lazy Mondays.

Most people have a jam-packed schedule throughout the week (including weekends), but by adding in Lazy Monday, you can force yourself to have one relaxing evening each week. It almost becomes a third day to the weekend because you’re not obligated to do anything on your schedule Monday evenings. This makes an evening of nothing a great chance to relax and recharge for the rest of the week.

To help have a Lazy Monday, my wife and I make sure to do the important things that need to be done on the other days of the week so we can relax on Monday evening. In a way, it has helped us to become more productive since we know there is one evening every week where we are not allowed to work. We now look forward to Monday knowing we have this relaxing time together, and having the peace of mind that there is nothing pressing for us to complete in our work lives.

Lazy Monday is a twist on a family day, where I do not, and will not work once I return home from work. I do not work out in the evening, or write, or plan anything for my website. My job on Monday is to spend time with my wife, and relax together. We will have dinner (at a table), and usually watch a bit of TV or a movie, or spend time with family. Before bed, I will still go through my evening routine, getting ready for work, reading, and mediating. The idea of the evening is that we are so rushed during our week we tend to forget about the important things in our lives. Lazy Mondays have allowed me to become more conscious of my home life and make sure I am paying attention to what matters most- the relationships in my life.

This does not mean I ignore my home life the other 6 days of the week. I try to make sure I am always aware of my surroundings and how I am treating others. However, dedicating this evening of the week to a worry-free time with no requirements really gives the week a great jumping off point. I picked Monday because it is usually a fresh start to each week with everything already planned for what we are going to be doing either at work or in our social lives. We know if there are any events we need to attend, and any deadlines that are coming up. Monday is also a good day because rarely do we need to go out and do something. Over the rest of the week we will go shopping, work out, and sometimes work in the evening. This does make for a pretty full week, which is large reason for Lazy Mondays.

Dedicating a day to doing nothing is also great for those times where something does come up because I know I am free to do it. The one rule we have for when things do pop up is that we evaluate the importance of the situation, and only act on it if the task really does need to be completed or it does not involve us “working”. This does not count email in the evening since we don’t generally look at email in the evening anyway.

Since starting Lazy Mondays, I found myself to be more relaxed at work and at home, and feel like I do not have to be going at 1000 km/h all of the time. I find we tend to get really worked up in our day-to-day lives, and we tend to forget to stop for a moment and enjoy our surroundings and the people connected to us. Dedicating time to taking a step back and observing my surroundings has helped me appreciate what I have in my life. Taking out the requirement of having to do something on every day of the week has relaxed me and allowed me time to think that planning relaxing time is the key here. By doing this in my schedule, I am forcing myself to sit back and smell the roses. I now have my 3 day weekend for 52 weeks of the year. I look forward to Monday knowing I can come home and literally do nothing. Let me know your thoughts on my 3 day weekend in the comments below, and try having your own Lazy Monday; you won’t regret it.